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The Coalition Supports AB-710

California has led the way in passing the strongest environmental regulations of pesticides in the United States. But what is the use of these regulations if we allow imported avocados to be grown using these same pesticides and other harmful chemicals? By doing so, we are turning a blind eye to the suffering of foreign workers and their families, whom studies have shown urinate pesticides and die from related cancers.


The cost of eating these imported avocados will come back to haunt us in the future. We must recognize the real costs of consuming foreign fruit and focus on holding foreign producers and importers to the same standards to which we hold ourselves.


As the pandemic has reminded us, we all share this planet. We must not only take personal responsibility for our own health but for the health of our neighbors as well. If we set sound environmental and health regulations for ourselves, we must demand that importers and foreign producers meet them as well.

Please sign our petition in support of AB-710 at

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