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Stand Up for CaliforniA Avocado Growers

The California Avocado Coalition is an online community which provides California Hass avocado producers with a platform to discuss,  unite, and advocate for the domestic avocado industry, and to promote awareness of the threat to financial viability of the domestic avocado industry from foreign imports. 

The Coalition advocates for the use of federal trade and California state laws to address problems caused by rising imports and  to support policies which enhance and preserve domestic  avocado production and profitability.

Please go to the Community Forum to connect with your fellow growers, to comment on issues and industry news, and become a member.  In order to post, you must become a member. To become a member, click "Create a new post" and you will be directed to a  " member log in" window.  Enter your email and create a password.  You do not need to become a member to view posts, only to comment or submit.

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